Seeds of Liberation, Inc. (Seeds) is a non-profit organization works alongside Arkansas' marginalized communities to create a just, equitable and empowering criminal justice system.

In a time when the national incarceration rate declined (-6%), Arkansas has led the nation in increase in incarceration rate (17%). Arkansas was one of two states to toughen its drug laws in 2013 in contrast to twelve states that eased their drug laws. Unfortunately the Arkansas General Assembly continued to pass legislation in 2015 that, according to a sponsor of one draconian bill, is “antithetical to the interest in reducing inmate population”; this in a time when the Pulaski County jail briefly closed its doors to many arrestees due to rampant overcrowding.

Just as troubling is the fact that marginalized communities are not made aware of punitive criminal justice reforms that disproportionately affect our communities; nor are we made aware of alternative policies that could create a more equitable criminal justice system in Arkansas.


The only durable solution to the Arkansas’ exceptionally high-levels of incarceration is the transformation of disengaged communities into engaged, empowered, and educated communities that endeavor to create a more just and equitable criminal justice system.


Educate Arkansans on criminal justice policy, administration and successful community-driven reforms.

Empower Arkansas’ marginalized communities to voice their critiques of, and aspirations for, Arkansas’ criminal justice policy and administration.

Increase the public accountability of elected officials, administrators and law enforcement personnel who create and enforce Arkansas’ criminal justice policy.

Create opportunities for Arkansans with a criminal record to successfully integrate back into society. 


Research criminal justice policies and practices that caused the Arkansas Incarceration Crisis as well as possible policy solutions to the crisis.

Conduct know your rights and criminal justice policy educational sessions with the homeless, youth, policymakers and various other community stakeholders.

Collaborate with formerly incarcerated people and their allies to create a sustained, organized counterbalance to the overly punitive, ineffective tough on crime lobby.