Seeds of Liberation works alongside Arkansas's marginalized communities to create a just, equitable and empowering criminal justice system.


Arkansas has led the nation in increase of incarceration from 2013-2015 and has set record highs in prison population in back-to-back months (April 2015 and May 2015).  The prison population is closing in on 19,000 compared to 14,805 in 2012

This incarceration crisis has hit women and children especially hard.

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In the Spring of 2014, the Arkansas Parole Board unanimously voted to commute Mr. Henderson's sentence of life without the possibility of parole to credit for the 41 years Mr. Henderson spent in prison.  Shamefully, the Governor denied Mr. Henderson's appeal for commutation.  Mr. Henderson died in prison in the Summer of 2015---alone.  Thankfully we were able to record  our conversation with Mr. Henderson shortly before his death.  Learn more about Mr. Henderson's story and the need to press policy-makers to pass legislation to ensure that no more Arkansans will unnecessarily and unjustly be condemned to die in prison.

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People directly impacted by incarceration are best situated to identify the shortcomings in Arkansas's criminal justice policy and administration, but are the least likely to be heard.

Over the next several months Seeds will be releasing videos of people directly impacted by incarceration discussing how their personal stories have given them an appreciation for the areas of Arkansas's criminal justice policy and administration that are most in need of improvement.

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